Big Bottom

Big Bottom is tucked just outside of the tree-line and overlooks a field lined with corn rows. As the weather changes in the early fall, crops turn to gold and trophy whitetail deer roam the edge as they graze the food plot. Big Bottom provides the perfect perch to catch a glimpse of the deer of a lifetime. Hold your breathe, be steady and pull the trigger smoothly... if you can.

#3 Mid Western Steve Renko Whitetail Typical 220 6/8"
#1 Mid Western Eric Stonecipher Whitetail Non Typical 422 1/8"


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Double Field

Big Bottom

Big Bottom is tucked just outside the tree line and overlooks a field lined with rows of corn. As the weather changes in the early Fall and the crops turn to gold the trophy whitetail roam the edge as they graze the food plot. Big Bottom is beautiful and provides the perfect perch to catch a glimpse of a deer of a lifetime. It is an exciting place to sit during the rut, being centrally located between several food sources. Hold your breath, stay steady and squeeze the trigger smoothly…if you can.

Billy Goat Bunker

Propped on top of a beautiful hardwood ridge, Billy Goat Bunker sits just above a flowing stream. The spring fed stream below and the hillside location between two big ridges make this spot totally unique.

Drive By

Drive By is appropriately named as the mature bucks walk through on their way from breakfast to their bedding areas. This blind is located up in deeper woods with thicker coverage and the whitetail seem relaxed and move calmly through all year round. Great spot to be even if you don’t get to squeeze a trigger!

First Rocky

First Rocky is just like Big Bottom with lots of movement during the rut and is surrounded by multiple food plots. Another beautiful and tranquil spot on a perfect North Central Missouri 1,000 acre property.

Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost is a fun stand to hunt! The deer come in from all directions and it makes for an exciting outing. Several watering holes and lots of open ground behind the stand promote movement all morning and all evening and your chances to “bag the big one” increase while hunting Grey Ghost.

Top Bow Blind

Top Bow Blind is perfectly located to get a glimpse of all of the RBR species. This blind is located just behind the lodge and is a prime spot for many of the animal as they walk through on a regular basis. Top Bow Blind is a short ride and the hunting is second to none!

Top of the World

Top of the World is our most secluded hunting location and when hunting this stand you can really feel the vastness of the property. Top of the World offers a chance to take a break from reality, breathe the fresh air and hope the buck of your dreams decides to join you.


In Top Blind you have the chance to see movement of all of the RBR species all season long. It is a prime spot where all of the animals gather regularly for a sort of “town hall meeting”. If you are at RBR for exotics you want to check out and try Top Blind at least once.

Turkey Ridge

Turkey Ridge is situated on top of the hill behind Big Bottom right in the thicket of the woods where the deer come to take cover. Turkey Ridge is a peaceful “comfort zone” for the whitetail and offers big opportunities for excellent trophy whitetail.

Double Field

Standing tall on the edge of not one but two food plots. Perfect for some shade if you are hunting in that September heat. A pond nearby that the elk seem to love soaking in. Gorgeous colors in the fall to take in while you await that buck of your dreams to come strolling out!

Little Field

Little Lost is tucked away between two ridges. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat in this one. You can hear the deer coming before you even see them. Or is it a deer? Never know what will appear out of the woods.

West Field

West Field is Corey's favorite hunting stand! Very pretty in the fall. You have to cross a few creeks to get to this one. West Field overlooks the food plot with a creek running alongside of it. It's the perfect spot for bucks crossing through during the rut.